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 Track addresses:  Findon, Reserve Parade —— 0433 138 275
                               LeFevre, Mamora Terrace Osborne, —0415 672 628
                               Salisbury, Tangent Ave Salisbury North—0457 457 160
     Murraylands, Homburg Rd Murray Bridge—-0419 850 924
Sat May 27th:  Interclub No1 at Salisbury
Sun 28th: Points Meeting 1pm       Little League      $50 Rider Win Draw  
JUNE Sat  3rd:  City of Salisbury Open Championship at Salisbury  11-30am
Sun 4th: Points Meeting 1pm      “A” League round 3
Sun 11th  Points Meeting 1pm    (Queens Birthday Long Weekend)
Sun 18th:  Brian O’Neill Memorial at Findon  11-30am
Sat 24th: Interclub No2 at LeFevre   
Sun 25th:  Points Meeting 1pm        Little League
JULY Sat 1st:  Best Pairs & Daniel Pudney Under 16 Invitational at LeFevre (both 26inch)
Sun 2nd:   Sam Rochester closed Championship  1pm
Sun 9th: Points Meeting 1pm   
Sun 16th: Points Meeting 1pm
  23rd:  Points Meeting 1pm        “A” League round 4
30th: Points Meeting 1pm        Little League round 5  (school holidays  10th – 21st)  
AUGUST Sat 5th: Patrons open championship at Salisbury
Sun 6th: Points Meeting 1pm
12th:  Leagues round 3 at Salisbury    S v  LF  v  F
Sun 13th:  Points Meeting 1pm            “A” League round 5
Sun 20thPoints Meeting 12noon        Interclub No3 at Findon at 2pm
Sat 26th: City of Port Adelaide Enfield Open at LeFevre
Sun 27th:  Points Meeting 1pm       Little League round 6
SEPT Sun 3rd:  Points Meeting 1pm
Sun 10th: Points Meeting 1pm      “A” League round 6
Sat 16th:  Trevor Dutton & Brian Herd Invitationals at Salisbury
Sun 17th:  Points Meeting 1pm
Sun 24th: City of Charles Sturt Open at Findon  11.30am
OCTOBER Sun 1st:  Points Meeting 1pm   (Labor Day long Weekend)
Sun 8th: Points Meeting 1pm
Sat 14th: City of Salisbury Open Championship
Sun 15th:  Points Meeting 1pm        Little League Grand Final
Sun 22nd : Australian Open Championships at Murraylands
Sun 29th: Points Meeting 1pm         “A” League Grand Final
(school holidays Oct 2nd – 13th)
NOVEMBER Sat/Sun 5th:  League Grand Finals
Sun 5th:  Points Meeting 1pm   (possible League Final)
Sun 12th:  Points Meeting  1pm
Fri 17th:  Friday Night Points Meeting   7-30pm
Fri 24th:  Friday Night Points Meeting   7-30pm
Tues 14th:  Internationals start  (see separate itinerary)
Sun 10th:  Points Meeting 1pm
Fri 15th:   Annual Trophy Presentation Night  7-30pm
  Sun 17th:  Aerielle Barrett closed Championship  1pm.   Water Bomb Fight (End of Season)

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