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  • A racing bike shall not be fitted with brakes, brake attachments, mudguards of any size,toe clips or straps , any form of gears or any other fittings considered dangerous by the Referee.
  • Riders must not change machines during a race excepting that machines may be changed for a restart or re-run.


  • Ends must be plugged, suitable grips needed.
  • The width should not exceed thirty inches (30″) or seventy five centimetres (75cm).


  • No Rat Trap or all metal pedals, toe clips or straps


  • To suit bike size and Division eg. 26 x 1 3/8 etc.
  • Chain tensioners can be used but no thread must protrude past the nut .


  • Must not protrude more than 18mm outside the forks with no more than 6mm of thread shall be exposed beyond a single nut.


  • A spare uncovered sprocket on the rear wheel is permitted


  • All riders must be properly attired as listed below—
  • Long Sleeved Shirt or Top
  • Long Trousers
  • Full Finger Gloves
  • Closed in Shoes (sneakers etc. )


  • All rider must wear a helmet of rigid construction when racing and the helmet should be adjusted to minimize excessive movement. ( the responsibility for helmet adjustment falls to the rider or the parent / guardian)
  • All helmets must meet Australian Road Safety Standards or Standards met by a Sporting Association . Eg. Sport canoeing helmet.
  • No helmet shall have a transmitting or receiving device fitted to or underneath the helmet.
  • No helmet shall have any item of apparel underneath the helmet. e.g. Cap, hair tie, ribbon etc (Australia rule)


  • At local Club meetings you race in a Division that suits your ability
  • In all Open Championships you race with riders of your own age. Riders race in Divisions based on age and bike size.
  • TINY TOTS under 5 year up to 16″ wheel size
  • DIVISION SEVEN under 7 years Max. 16 ” wheel size
  • DIVISION SIX under 9 years 16″ & 20″ wheel size
  • DIVISION FIVE under 11 years 20″ wheel size
  • DIVISION FOUR under 13 years 20″ wheel size
  • DIVISION THREE under 15years Min. 24″ wheel size
  • DIVISION TWO under 18 years Min. 24″ wheel size
  • DIVISION ONE open age Min. 24″ wheel size
  •   VETERANS over 40 years Min. 24″ wheel size
  • GIRLS UNDER 13 Max wheel size 20inch
  • WOMEN 13 YEARS & OVER Min wheel size 24inch
  • No performance enhancing drugs are permitted in the sport of Cycle Speedway. Cycle Speedway is a DRUG FREE SPORT


  • There are a total of five races per division in an Major Championship .
  • When a division has one heat per race that division shall have five races with the result will be on TOTAL POINTS .
  • When there is more than one heat per division that division shall race four races with the top four point scorers going into the fifth race which will be a SUDDEN DEATH FINAL .
  • Run offs if necessary will determine the top four point scorers.
  • Leagues and Interclub events are conducted per the set Formulae .


  • All racing shall in a anti-clockwise direction and shall be over the following number of laps
  • Scratch Races (All riders starting at the starting tape)
  • Division One (open ) Four Laps (4)
  • Division Two Four Laps (4)
  • Division Three Three Laps (3)
  •   Veterans Over 40 Four Laps (4)
  • Division Four Three Laps (3)
  • Division Five Three Laps (3)
  • Division Six Three Laps (3)
  • Division Seven Two Laps (2)
  • Tiny Tots One Lap (1)
  • If there is only one (1) rider starting in a race that rider will be awarded four points immediately after arriving at his / her grid position at the gate, as per Starting Procedure.
  • In a Team Event if there are only two (2) riders , who are both from the same team only one lap shall be ridden.
  • Note:- At normal Club Meetings for handicap races you add one more lap to above excluding Division one and two


  • The yellow flag denotes one (1) Lap to go
  • The black and white chequered flag denotes the race is completed
  • NOTE:- the Referee may declare the race without the chequered flag shown.
  • If the chequered flag is shown at the wrong time during a race the Referee shall take the following action:- if the positions are known
  • (a) After an extra lap — Riders’ position after the correct number of laps to count as a result.
  • (b) After one (1) less lap — The race is to be re-run with all riders still in the race when the chequered flag was shown to be allowed in the re-run , unless the Referee is satisfied that all riders had realised the mistake and carried on racing. If a re-run it is to take place immediately.
  • A Red Flag may be used when a rider with a hearing disability races this flag is shown when the referee blows the whistle.
  • A Green Flag may be use to start the race if the Starting gates are not working.


  • Scoring in all races shall be….
  • FIRST Four Points
  • SECOND Three Points
  • THIRD Two Points
  • FOURTH One Point
  • TOTAL TEN POINTS ( maximum points raced for is ten with exception in Interclub Racing )
  • If a Draw occurs points allocated are split e.g. A Draw between 1st. and 2nd. would be as follows.
  • The first two riders receive 3 1/2 points each no second place
  • Third gets two points and fourth gets one point.
  • The TOTAL being TEN POINTS
  • In League racing the points scoring is 4 , 3 , 2 , 1 points, If a draw occurs in a FINAL then a single heat is ran with the point scoring 4 , 3 , 2 points . (no fourth place score )
  • The ACSC only recognizes the sixteen (16) man individual formula and Interclub and Leagues Formulas


  • In some Team racing eg. Interclubs the point Scoring Is as follows..
  • Six on a grid . Point Scoring 6pts. 5pts. 4pts. 3pts. 2pts. 1pt.


  • For marble draws a maximum of six riders on the grid at one time.
  • (Aust Council Rules only—Findon allows a max of 7 riders on the grid)
  • Numbered marbles are selected per the amount of riders in a Division e.g six riders six marbles selected
  • When there is more than six riders in a Division the race is split into heats .
  • With 7 riders = two heats ……… 1st heat four riders & the 2nd heat three riders
  • With 8 riders= two heats of four riders
  • With 9 riders = two heats….1 heat of 5 riders & the 2nd heat of 4 riders.
  • With 10 riders = two heats of 5 riders
  • With 11 riders =three heats 2 heat of 4 riders & 1 heat of 3 riders
  • With 12 riders = three heats of four riders .
  • With 13 riders = 1 heat of 5 riders & 2 heats of 4 riders
  • With 14 riders= 2 heats of 5 riders & 1 heat of 4 riders.
  • With 15 riders= 3 heats of 4 riders & 1 heat of 3 riders
  • With 16 riders= 4 heats of 4 riders.
  • With 17riders = four heats…… 1st of five riders then 3 heats of four riders.
  • When two or more heats are ran in a division the highest number of riders in a heat races first.
  • ( These events are Sudden Death Events with the top four point scorers go into the final )
  • If after a marble draw a rider / riders pull out of the race meeting after a run through then you must continue the draw as if the rider / riders are still racing . The missing rider / riders grid / grids becomes vacant.
  • If a rider / riders pull out before the first race but after the draw then a redraw may take place after discussion with the Referee.


  • Marble draw 1 to 6 …………… Grid placings 1 to 6 ( straight forward )
  • Marble draw 1 to 7………….1st heat 1, 2, 3, 4 becomes1, 2, 3, 4 grid placings 2nd heat 5, 6, 7 become 1, 2, 3 grid placings
  • Marble draw 1 to 10………..1st heat 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 becomes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 grid placings 2nd heat 6,7,8,9,10 becomes 1,2,3,4,grid placings
  • Marble draw 1 to 17 ……… 1st heat 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 becomes 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 grid placings 2nd heat 6, 7, 8, 9 becomes 1, 2, 3, 4 grid placings 3rd heat 10, 11, 12, 13 becomes 1, 2, 3, 4 grid placings 4th heat 14, 15, 16, 17 becomes 1, 2, 3, 4 grid placings
  • If run offs occur during the meeting , if between two riders then the Referee will toss a coin on the grid , the winner of the toss has choice of grid position . Which ever position is chosen there must be a vacant grid position between the riders. ( 1 & 3 or 2 & 4 )
  • But if three or more riders involved in a runoff then a marble draw is carried out in the pits by Pit Marshall.
  • In Sudden Death Events with only the top four riders going into the finals , the rider with the highest points has choice of grid position , then the next highest has the next choice and so on.


  • All bicycles to be used at a race meeting shall be examined by the Referee in the Pits, on Parade or at the starting grid before the start of the race. Any bicycle not meeting the requirements laid down by the rules shall be banned until it meets the requirements .


  • Under no circumstances shall any person be allowed to interfere with another rider’s bike.
  • All bikes should remain in the pits unless repairs outside the pits are needed.
  • During Team Events all competing rider shall remain in the pits unless gaining permission from Team Manager or Pit Marshall .
  • Only Riders and Team Officials are allowed in the pits during matches.


  • When the Referee is satisfied that the track is clear of obstructions and that no additional time allowance is required he / she shall , by one (1) sharp blast on a whistle indicate that all riders for the race have one (1) minute in which to reach the starting area rest line.
  • A second blast will denote the expiry of time and automatic exclusion of any rider (s) not at the rest line.
  • NOTE: Reserve riders are not allowed to replace riders excluded from the race for exceeding the time limit.


  • A rider in an Individual event who has two (2) consecutive races shall be allowed two (2) extra minutes.
  • If a rider for any valid reason requires an extension of time he / she through the Pit Marshall may request the extra time of the Referee , who may grant extra time , provided he/ she has not given the signal for the start of the first minute.
  • A rider in a Team event who has two (2) consecutive races shall be granted one (1) extra minute.
  • If a rider for any valid reason requires an extension of time , his / her Team manager through the Pit Marshall may request the extra time of the Referee , who may grant extra time , provided he/ she has not given the signal for the start of the first minute.
  • A rider may ask for a extension of time due to injury or bicycle repair the amount of time is at the Referee’s discretion
  • Where the Referee grants time , he must allow the extra time to elapse before giving the signal for the final minute.
  • In all cases the extension of time must be asked for before the Referee blows the whistle.


  • Riders shall leave the pits and proceed to the starting area (after the Referee signals by blowing his / her whistle ) they shall come to rest with the hubs of their front wheels over the rest line ( start of concrete grid ) , in line with their respective starting positions.
  • Riders shall not encroach the centre green on the way to the start.
  • Brushes , rags or other materials for cleaning tyres shall not be brought to the starting grid.
  • Under the Referee’s direction the riders shall move forward to within one(1) inch ( 2.5cm )of the tape, positioning both wheels between the parallel lines on the grid. (with the bicycle at right angle to the starting tape.)
  • When the Referee is satisfied , the Announcer or Referee shall ask the riders to steady themselves and then give the command : You’re Under Starter’s Orders “. The starter will release the tapes, facing away from the riders between two (2) and five (5) seconds , from the Announcer’s command varying the time from race to race.
  • This may be carried out by using electrically operated gates or with pull ropes , or a green flag if the starting gates are not operating .
  • When the riders are “Under Starters Orders” they must look straight ahead and not at the release mechanism on the starting gates.
  • Riders with hearing disabilities may be given hand signals to Indicate the command ” You’re Under Starter’s Orders “.


  • A rider shall be disqualified if . After the command “You’re Under Starter’s Orders ” , he / she allows bicycle or person to move or causes a distraction before the tape rises.
  • Referees shall use their discretion if there is obvious noise around the starting area or adverse weather conditions.
  • If two (2) or more riders move before the tape rises the first to move shall be excluded but if the Referee is unable to determine who moved first , the Referee shall order all riders to re-approach the start and the Announcer shall give the starting orders again.
  • If , after this procedure the same position arises the Referee shall exclude all guilty riders of the infringement.


  • A race shall be stopped by one (1) sharp blast of the Referee ‘s whistle
  • (a) A race may be stopped by a Referee in the interest of safety or where a fallen rider has caused other rider (s ) to fall and has inflicted a positive change in positions . Any rider who is the direct or indirect cause of the stoppage shall be excluded.
  • (b) A race may be stopped by a Referee if two (2) or more riders fall or become entangled during the first half lap. In such a case the Referee should re-start the race with all riders unless a rider has committed an breach of the rules. (that rider shall be excluded)
  • (c) A race may be stopped by the Referee if a breach of the rules has occurred , in this case the offending rider (s) shall be excluded from the re-run .
  • (d) If a race is stopped for any reason after the completion of the first lap , the rider (s) responsible for the stoppage should be excluded or cautioned.
  • (e) If a race is stopped with less than one (1) lap to be completed , the Referee may award positions to riders in the order they held them at the time of the whistle , having excluded any rider (s) where necessary through a breach of the rules. If there is any doubt, the race may be re-run.


  • A rider shall be excluded if , during the course of a race , he / she is considered by the Referee to be guilty of
  • (a) By crossing the boundaries (inside or outside ) with both wheels unless through the actions of an other rider or in the interest of safety he/ she is compelled to do so , in which case he / she must return to the track at the earliest opportunity without infringing an other rider.
  • (b) The use of excessive force by a rider against another rider to gain an advantage or not.
  • (c) Obstruction . A rider shall be guilty of obstruction if
  • 1/ He / she sharply cuts across the path of another rider when he / she is less than one (1) bicycle length in front.
  • 2/ He /she deliberately slows down to effect a change in the position of the riders following. A rider shall be given one warning to speed up. If the rider fails to speed up or slows down again during that race the rider shall be excluded.
  • 3/ He / she places himself / herself or his /her bicycle in such a way as to impede another rider.
  • 4/ He / she drifts an opponent to the extremities of the track by steering a course which in the Referee’s opinion , is not an appropriate racing line.
  • 5/ He / she team rides with another rider in an Individual event . Both riders shall be excluded
  • 6/ He / she uses himself / herself or his / her bicycle to make contact with an opponent or his / her bicycle so to gain an advantage. Eg. Boring , Hooking , “T” barring , legging etc.
  • (d) Dangerous riding : Any rider considered by the Referee to be guilty of dangerous riding , shall be excluded.
  • (e) Remounting : A rider may only take Two (2) or three (3) steps whilst re mounting his / her bicycle.
  • (f) Walking / running with Bicycle : Only if a rider is within half a lap of the finish of the race is he / she permitted to walk / run with the bicycle. Provided that he /she does not interfere with another rider on the track. A rider shall be deemed remounted when he / she is astride his / her bicycle.
  • (g) Outside assistance : Any rider receiving outside assistance during a race shall be excluded.
  • (h) Disorderly conduct: Any rider guilty of disorderly conduct or dissent shall be excluded from the race and a full report given to the Executive of the ACSC as soon as possible.
  • (I) Being lapped: Any rider shall be deemed lapped if he / she is in last place and in the opinion of the Referee is or may interfere with the running of the race.
  • (j) Excluded and or lapped riders: A rider excluded or lapped must immediately withdraw from the track without impeding other riders. Failure to do so in a Team event may result in no points being awarded to the offending rider’s Team.


  • The Interclub Competition is ran with three (3) teams (club) of two riders on the grid. (total six riders on the track )
  • Each club races each other club three times , using a bye system with four clubs competing.
  • The Interclub Shield is determined by the number of match wins. If there is a draw then there will be a count back on the points scored only in the series. The team with the highest number of points on the count back wins the Interclub Shield.
  • Point scoring is per Rule Book titled ” Method of Scoring “
  • Movement at the Start:— There is no second chance as stated in Rule Book under ” Disqualification at Start ” for Open ( Division One ) and Division Two All other Divisions receive one warning at the Grid.
  • Tiny Tots ( non– competitive grade ) does not race in the Interclub Competition.


  • The League Competition is ran over a minor round series using a home and away system , with the two teams who have won the most matches at the end of the minor round progressing into the final. If at the end of the minor round there is draw then will be a count back on the points scored by each team , with the team with the highest points going into the Test Match Final.
  • The Test Match Final is raced at a Neutral Track.
  • If a draw occurs in the Test Match Final then a one (1) heat team race run off will occur , with the point scoring of 4 , 3 , 2 as set out in Page 6 titled ” Method of Scoring “. The Team Managers shall choose their riders to take part in the run off.

Movement at the Start

  • In all League Competitions there is no second chance per Rule book under ” Disqualification at the Start “.
  • If a team is more than twelve (12) points down in a match , that team can take girds one and three until such time as they are less than twelve (12) points down. ( This is known as the Mercy Rule ). The Team Manager must notify the Referee prior to his / her team taking the option.


  • In an Individual match a reserve may take the place of any rider who withdraws from the match. Having taken the place of the rider he / she can not take the place of any other rider in the match.
  • Once a rider has withdrawn from a race that can not take any further part in that event.
  • In Team Events the following applies
  • (a) Reserve riders may not be substituted in place of a rider disqualified from the meeting by the Referee.
  • (b) A reserve rider shall not be substituted in place of a rider who has been excluded from a re-run of any race.
  • (c) A reserve rider can replace a reserve rider providing sub- sections (a) and (b) do not apply.
  • (d) If a rider is unable to take part in the re-run of a race , then a reserve rider shall be permitted to deputise in that rider’s place, provided that he / she has not had the maximum number of rides and sub-sections (a) and (b) do not apply
  • (e) Only reserve riders may be used in positions other than those on the program.
  • (f) When calculating the number of maximum rides, a race in which the reserve is himself / herself , is replaced shall count as a ride taken for both the replaced rider and the replacing rider.
  • (g) All riders (including the reserve/swing rider) can race the same amount of rides as the formula permits any one rider.


  • The ACSC controls the discipline at all events under its banner (control )
  • Where two or more clubs are involved , they come under the ACSC Disciplinary Rules .
  • At an International Level each country disciplines its own riders.
  • A Disciplinary Tribunal is convened as soon as possible after the incident made up of the members of the ACSC


  • A rider shall be excluded from taking any further part in a meeting if he / she is consider by the referee to be guilty of bringing the sport into disrepute in one of the following ways :—
  • (a) Persistent Exclusion :— Any rider who incurs two or more exclusions during a meeting for the of Excessive force , obstruction or dangerous riding may be awarded a match ban.
  • (b) Malicious Foul Riding :— A rider who uses blatant foul tactics inflicting injury to an opponent or damage to his / her equipment may in extreme circumstances be match ban.
  • (c) Offensive or Foul Language:— a rider or Team Manager shall be suspended from the remainder of the meeting if he / she is judged to be consistently guilty swearing or using offensive language. (after given a warning by the Referee)
  • (d) Serious Disordering Conduct :— Any rider or Team Manager who repeatedly shows dissent after a warning or comes onto the track without permission or instigates any physical threats or fighting shall be excluded from the remainder of the meeting .


  • Any person striking a referee shall be banned for life from taking part in any Cycle Speedway Event( International Meetings )


  • A maximum of a 10 minute interval shall be granted to the halfway point of a match unless the Referee decides otherwise.


  • Any official fixture not competed owing to weather Conditions or other unavoidable circumstances shall be null and void and shall be re-run , excepting that if at the time of abandonment the score was such that if the full number of heats was ran , the result could not be altered , such a fixture shall be considered complete.


  • If the event is abandoned after running less than three (3) completed heats in all Divisions. The event will be re-run and all points scored will be null and void.( The re-run event will only be open to riders who participated in the original event at a date to be set.)
  • If the event is abandoned after running more than three completed heats in all Divisions. Then the following applies:—
  • The highest four (4) point scorers in each Division after heat three (3) ,will compete in a sudden death final . If a Division is ran on total points then those riders will complete their event on the same day as the riders in the sudden death finals , thus reducing the overall event to four heats.
  • If the fourth heat is completed in a Division then the final heat only will be re-run .


  • 1/ All riders who race in any event under the control of the ACSC must be a financial member of a Cycle Speedway Club affiliated with the ACSC.
  • 2/ All riders who wish to race in Major Open Championships under the control of the ACSC must nominate with the host club , before the closing date . Or by an acceptable date via post.
  • All above nominations must be accompanied with payment.
  • 3/ The Perpetual Trophies for the Australian and State Titles remain the property of the ACSC and are entrusted to the Club of the winning riders. ( Not to leave the Country )
  • 4/ Only Division Two riders may race in two Divisions in a Major Championship.. But if a Rider nominates for both Divisions and starts to race he / she cannot pull out of one Division . If the rider makes himself / herself unavailable for one Division only then he / her shall take no further part in the championship.
  • 5/ The ACSC can when necessary waiver the rules concerning age based on a rider’s ability due to a handicap .
  • 6/ The Division of Tiny Tots is a non-competitive Division .
  • 7/ In Interclubs the host Club shall be listed first on the score sheet and the other two Clubs shall toss a coin to decide the next listings.
  • 8/ In Team Events the two captains shall toss for starting positions, the Referee tossing the coin and the visiting captain making the call. The winner shall have choice of grids 1 & 3 or grids 2 & 4 starting positions in the first heat. ( with the teams alternating grid positions through the match.)
  • The riders starting from grids 1 & 3 must take up their positions first and shall not change them.


  • The present guidelines concerning bicycles used by the governing bodies of Australia, Great Britain and Holland will be utilised by all nations .
  • In all International Individual competitions an open draw will be used.
  • In all International Individual qualification rounds no less than eight competitors will progress to the next stage of the competition.
  • The racing order draw for all International Team Cup events will be made in the presence of an elected official from all the competing nations.
  • In all International Team Cup events the Team Managers will declare the names and riding order of their respective teams , to the Referee or meeting coordinator at the same time. There should be no time lapse during the procedure whereby any Team Manager could be seen to gain an unfair advantage.
  • That Referees in all International competitions should be made aware that the standard racing rules are applied in both Senior and Junior events.
  • There is no laxing of the starting procedure for Junior competitors.
  • The point scoring system in all Internationals will be 4 , 3 , 2 , 1 …
  • For Individual International Championship , the seeding of a rider from each competing nation to the Semi-final is allowed. However the governing body of each nation can have the option of deciding their own seeding arrangement.
  • Riders are eligible for Junior Competitions up to 31st December in the year of their 18th birthday.

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