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Terrific roll up to Saturdays Working Bee, well done. Could not have asked for better weather for yesterdays race meeting. Great roll up and great racing. Rider of the Week:  Senior – Blade Blatchford, Junior – Maddie Dunn.  It is a 12noon start this coming Sunday followed by the Allan Staunton 20inch Invitational at 2-30pm and the Mick Harley 26inch Invitational at 3-30pm.  We have a $50 Rider Win Draw and a free BBQ for all after the Invitationals. Entries close this Sunday for the SA Championships.

Weather cleared up to give us a great day for racing. Congratulations to the Rider of the Week- Senior Brad Delmenico and Junior  Aiden Smith. There is a working bee this Saturday at 10am to clean out all the gutters followed by a free BBQ and beers. Don’t forget training Thursday night. Great roll ups to the last few weeks. Many thanks to those who helped out with the ‘Come and Try’ this morning, it was a great success. Round 1 of the A League will be in May. Remember, very rarely are race meeting cancelled because of rain.

Great weather and great racing yesterday. Congratulations to Senior & Junior Rider of the Week:  Harrison Delmenico & Hannah Williams. Riders are reminded that they must participate in the Grand Parade to get their ‘attendance points’. We might have to start clamping down on the rules. The Division 6 grade will be split into 2 separate grades, 6A and 6B as from this Sunday.  Help required for Monday April 16th as we have 100 kids coming for a ‘Come & Try’ day.  We have a Working bee 10am Saturday 28th April to clean out the gutters etc.  Free ‘BBQ by Lorrie’.  We welcome Ralph Curnow to the Committee. Ralph will be the ‘bike shed’ man. You will need to see Ralph to have access to the bike shed. A League teams are just about finalised so should be up and running in May. (same with Little League).

I hope everyone had a great Easter.  Training Thursday night. Points Meeting Sunday.  The Allan Staunton & Mick Harley Invitationals are on Sunday April 29th. The invitations to these events are currently being worked on and should be finalised by this weekend. The Referee course has been changed to Wednesday April 18th.  We are still working on the A League and Little League Teams but hopefully start in a couple of weeks. The ‘Time Capsule’ will be buried this Sunday so this is your last chance to put something in it. Allan wants some of the younger riders to bury it so in 10 years time they can pull it up..

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