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New Racing season starts on Sunday Feb 3rd.

It was a top day of racing in the Brad Curnow Championship for our last meeting of the year. After the championship a very big crowd got involved in the Water Bomb fight and the Water slide.  I have ordered 5 ‘FSK’ watches (1 already taken) so there will be 4 available for purchase at $40 each. I am also placing an order for the Club’s Black FSK Racing tops with Comets on the sleeve. These tops can be used on Championship days.  If you want one please let me know.  Cost is $33-00 (subsidised).  Don’t forget we have the Bunnings BBQ on Boxing Day.  Many thanks to our small band of volunteers who have made this year a great year for the club. Next year is shaping up to be another great one. We wish everyone Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year.

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