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Sorry for the lateness but been busy with blood tests, scans etc…
Last Sunday was a great day to finish off the 2019 season. Great roll up and everyone stayed back for the water fight & BBQ. Congratulations to all the medal winners in the Aiden Smith Championhip. 2020 will be a great season.
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all

Great to see the hot weather didn’t affect the turnout for a great day of racing. Annual Trophy Presentation Night this Friday at 7-30pm.  There is a BBQ & Salad going from 6-30pm  at a gold coin donation. Who are the Rider of the Year winners????   Next Sunday is the Aiden Smith Championship and straight after is the Annual Water Fight….In the interest of the environment….NO BALLOONS ALLOWED.   Water slides & Bouncy Castle 3pm to 6pm.   Everyone welcome.  Free BBQ for those hiding in the clubrooms.  When the new fence is erected we will trial ONE WAY TRAFFIC for 1 month. Changes for next year:  Racing fees increase from $5 to $6 per race meeting with a Max of $12 per family.  (This helps to cover the insurance).  Penalties for riding fast onto Reserve Pde via main gate.  Rider have been warned many times and still don’t listen so you will lose 5 points every time.  THIS IS FOR YOUR SAFETY

Chilly yesterday for racing but its going to be a pleasant 35 next Sunday.  Points finish next Sunday.  Don’t forget to put Friday 13th in your Diary for Annual Trophy Presentation Night.  Tiny Tots MUST let us know if they will be there so that a trophy can be ordered.  Individual tops can be worn for rest of the year. We will require older members to supervise the Water Slide and Bouncy Castle on Sunday 15th.  (work out a roster please).  3-30pm to 6pm.  There are only a few small ‘Comets’ Team tops for sale.  $20 each.

Great buzz around the track yesterday with great racing and the weather was perfect.  Top racing again in the Grand Prix’s which were run after our Points Meeting. We have a brand new perimeter fence being installed in next 2 weeks.  For safety reasons we most probably will make it 1 way traffic and that is entry via Reserve Parade and exit via Skid Kid Court.  Bobby McMillan and Cody Chadwick will be organising the Australia Day Parade in the City on Jan 26th.  I will be a great way to promote our clubs.  Each of the 4 club can have 15 people in the Parade.  It’s CLASSIC BIKE RACING this Sunday after our Points Meeting.   Only 2 more Points Meetings to go…….

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