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As usual close to Christmas the numbers slightly down but that didn’t affect the close racing etc. Great day.  Please note that on normal Points Meetings the gates will open at 12noon and the check-in at 12-15pm. Riders are reminded again that Points are very close and finish on Sunday Dec 8th.  Annual Trophy Presentation Night is Friday December 13th at 7-30pm.   Sunday Dec 15th is last day of racing and is the “Aiden Smith” Championship with the Annual Water Fight straight after.  NO BALLOONS, ONLY water guns etc.  (The remains of the balloons end up in the ocean via the stormwater drains and then are eaten by the fish).

Excellent day of racing finishing off with round 2 of the very exciting Classic Series. Round 3 is December 1st.   We will have a free BBQ this Sunday after racing and it will be Individual Top day.  We will have an ‘unofficial’ meeting under the verandah of the clubrooms for all dads who have ideas on fixing the floodlight. So far, using a ‘sleeve’ is the most popular option. We need your input and help to get this organised.

Good roll up and great racing as usual. Congratulations to all riders from all clubs who won trophies at the Aussies on Saturday.  This coming Sunday is round 2 of the Classic Bike Series at 4pm after our Points Meeting.

Another top day of racing finishing off with round 1 of the “Classic” series which is a special competition for the ‘original bikes from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s.  Congratulations to Brad Delmenico on organising such a great event.  Round 2 is on Sunday week Nov 10th after our Points Meeting  (4pm). Points Meetings finish on Sunday Dec 8th.

Top day of racing yesterday finishing off with a very exciting Under 18 Competition. This coming Sunday should also be very exciting with Round 1 of the Classic Bike Series being held straight after our Points Meeting.   Nominations for the Australian Championships close this weekend. No late entries allowed. We now have a Bunnings BBQ on Saturday Dec 7th.  (due to a cancellation by the original group).

Lots of people and great atmosphere yesterday. Last Rider of the week for 2019:  Senior = Braylan MacDonald and Junior= Xavier Whitehead.   Hopefully I will get time to add up all the Rider of the Year points during the week.  Small bike training has now finished for this year.  Senior training is still going. This coming Sunday Bobby has organised an Under 18 Individual to be run after our Points Meeting. The 2022 UK Tour Fundraising Committee will be holding a Bar-B-Q during the Junior event.  Sat November 30th will be a ‘Schnitty Night’ in the clubrooms. This is another 2022 fundraiser.  It’s not too late for members to join the 2022 Tour Fundraising scheme. Many thanks to Simon and Bobby who have been doing an ‘eggsellent ‘ job with the commentary. And many thanks to the members who helped out yesterday with the Come N Try which was a great success.   A reminder that the Classic bike Series starts  next Sunday week .

Once again very surprised to see a great roll up for last Friday Nights racing.  Not everyone went fishing evidently. Congratulations to Riders of the week:  Senior = Andrew Blatchford and Junior: Jemimah Rochester. This Sunday we have the Come N Try and we are expecting about 60 kids. It will be held before our Points Meeting,  All volunteers are to be at track at 9am to set up bikes etc ready for 10am start.  Nominations close this Sunday for the City of Salisbury Open Championship. REMINDER that the CLASSIC BIKE RACING (old skid kid bike competition) start on Sunday Oct 27th.

Another top day of racing yesterday. Congratulations to Riders of the week: Senior = James Cochrane and Junior= Brad Williams. Friday Night Racing this week due to long weekend. Entries close this Friday Night for the City of Port Adelaide Open Championship. We are looking for volunteers to do a First Aid course which the club will pay for. You would be expected to be on ‘standy by’ at race meetings to help out if necessary. Due to balloon remnants causing environmental problems we are changing the name from annual water bomb fight to Annual Supa Soaker fight. It will be held on Dec 15th (Aiden Smith Championship) and we will have a Giant waterslide and a smaller Bouncy Castle for the little kids. Many thanks to Kym Amundsen who dropped in to donate his old ‘Skid Lid’ from 1964.
Once a Skid Kid always a Skid Kid.
You may leave the Skid Kids but the Skid Kids never leave you.

Great day of racing in the City of Charles Sturt Championship yesterday. Congratulations to all the trophy winners and congrats to Jackson Dobie on being selected as Rider of the Day. Training Thursday night. Please note that Gates will not open until 6-45pm. Points Meeting this Sunday and it’s Individual Racing Top day.  A reminder that its Friday Night Racing on the Long Weekend.

Sorry for the delay. Another excellent night race meeting with great racing. Riders of the week. Senior=Harleigh Rochester and Junior: Hayley Williams. This week it’s the City of Charles Sturt Open and riders are reminded that check in closes at 11-30am.

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