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Busy but great weekend with the Harry Potter night on Saturday and then a great race meeting yesterday.  Many thanks to Tammy, Kyra, Tracy, Aussie, Harleigh for setting up the fabulous Harry Potter Clubroom. (If I have forgotten anyone please add their name). Congratulations to Riders of the week:  Senior = Tom Mowbray and Junior = Marcus Melino.  No Small bike training until Thursday Aug 22nd as Aussie is in Poland for the Worlds.  Senior fitness training is still on.  Good luck to all the Aussies going to Poland for the Worlds.

As expected a few missing due to school hols and cold weather, still a great meeting though.  Riders of the week:  Senior = Sa Rochester and Junior:  Sammuel Dickson.  NO Club training on Thursday night.   Wednesday evening the 2019 Australian Team will have their final training session starting at 7pm at Findon.  Come along and wish them the best and see their final training.  The Bar will be open.     The Harry Potter theme  / Farewell  night is on Saturday starting at 7pm. Admission is free.  Plenty of fun and games. You won’t recognise the inside of the clubroom.  It is a farewell for Findon members in the Aussie Team but all tour members are welcome to be part of it.  Racing next Sunday as usual.

School holidays are upon us but still a great roll up and once again action packed racing.  Rides of the week:  Senior:  Lorrie Melino and Junior: Kahil MacDonald. Points Meeting this Sunday.  Get your gear ready for the Harry Potter Theme night (Sat 20th) where we will bid farewell to our riders going to Poland.

A brilliant day of racing in the Brian O’Neill Memorial. Congratulations to all the place getters.  Congratulations to Danny Ricketts on raising just over $500 for the club via his ‘Greatest Shave’. Many thanks to all the volunteers who helped to make it a great day.  Don’t forget the ‘Harry Potter’ theme night on Saturday July 20th where we say farewell and good luck to our riders who are off to Poland for the Worlds.  This coming Sunday is a Points Meeting.

Top roll up and great racing with once again lots of very close finishes earning well deserved applause. Nice to see another 4 new Veterans having a go.  Riders of the Week:  Senior = Braylan MacDonald   Junior = Darcy Fnchot. This week we have the Brian O’Neill Memorial and riders are reminded that Check-In closes at 11-30am.  President of the SA Cycle Speedway Assoc (Fay Fitzpatrick) will present the 2019 Australian Team going to Poland with their Australian Racing Top. There are some warm fleecy hoodies still available @ $40 each.  A reminder to those who are going to compete in the ‘Classic Bike Series’ to start working on their bikes as the series starts in October which is not that far away.

Another top day of very close racing with great winter sunshine to boot. We wish Simon Harley all the best after a nasty tumble when his chain broke. Rider of the week:  Senior = James Cochrane and Junior = Rory Fnchot.  Entries close this coming Sunday for the Brian O’Neill Memorial .  We are still after sponsors for the Brian O’Neill at $60 per grade.

What a top day of racing.  Great roll up and so many close calls on the finish line. Congratulations to Peter Kinross who was presented with an FSK watch for his 17 year service to the club. Riders of the week:  Senior: Andrew Blatchford  Junior:  Riley Preston.  Racing this Sunday (Long Weekend) with a Free BBQ after racing. Winter is here and we are putting another   FSK Hoodie order next week so if you want one you have to order this Sunday. They are fleecy lined and very warm.  Cost is what the club buys them for at $40. Don’t forget that we are looking for sponsors for the Brian O’Neill Memorial.

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